Saturday, July 11, 2009

City City Bang Bang

I would have to begin this post by apologizing to all Bangalore-lovers among my friends. When I set foot on kaddu-land some 2 months ago, all I could see around me was traffic, pollution, kannada songs and more traffic. No wonder I had been severe on the city in my previous post. But now that I've become better acquainted with this fascinating place, I really hate to think about my impending departure from here in a few days.

These 2 months in the beautiful, serene campus of IISc have been a wonderful experience for me. After witnessing and taking part in some of the best research taking place in the country, I too am now pondering on taking up a career in research. The first 2 weeks, though,were very dull and boring. Being an electrical student , I felt really out of place in the ECE deptt at first. I had to study overtime to come to grips with the terminology and concepts of wireless communication. It was as if God was punishing me for not studying for my end-sems by making me study non-elec courses. Add to that the umpteen number of problems that I had been facing with the place of my accommodation, i.e. at Gokula appts, mentioned quite eloquently in my previous post. The dull schedule was punctuated with a few visits to the cinema, lakes et al.

Things started to look up when my bro moved in with me. It was great to be back together after some 2 yrs of separation. And of course, it was great to be back in the company of a laptop again. Every evening I would be either indulging in bloddy battles on the fields of AOE, or dribbling my way past hapless Man U defenders in FIFA. All of this was punctuated with a visit to the revered Maddu-land. A trip to Marina in the evenings seemed to provide the much-needed respite from the horrible, humid weather during the day. Most of the time, however, was spent indoors with the lethargic Scooby and the wily Louie at my friends house. All in all, my first time in Chennai was very much enjoyable.

As soon as we returned from Chennai, we were informed that our luggage had been moved to the Jalahalli guest house. I could not believe my luck!!
A word here about the Jalahalli GH: All the girls live there. Period.
So, as of now, I'm livin' in a co-ed hostel, havin' breakfast, lunch, dinner ( and much more :D ) with some of the most beautiful girls I've known in the past 2 yrs. All the more reason I don't want to leave this awesome place!!

P.S.- Sports Headlines - 'The King' cements his rightful place in tennis history, Dhoni & co. screw themselves over in England, though somewhat redeeming themselves in WI and Real & City go berserk.


  1. the blog was interesting....all kudos to co-ed hostel [:P]...gud use of M & K Lands [:D]

  2. Join the club :). When did you come to maddu land dude?

  3. @ chronz: i went to maddu land for just a weekend, enough time though for me to get to know the city well enough.